Elijah House Prayer Ministry equipping course – Mervin’s Testimony.

In September, Mark and Terry Benevente from Elijah House School of Ministry came to our church to run prayer ministry sessions, as they have done for a number of years. This time, they also came to train a few of our leaders who were interested in a deeper level of understanding and equipping of the ministry tools, which would ultimately allow them to be more effective in ministering to others.

The first half of the Prayer Ministry course was run over the week, and the leaders all received a certificate of completion at the end of it! They will complete the next half of the course in 2018.

One of our leaders, Mervin, shared his testimony with us.


“Prayer Ministry and Deliverance” – What used to immediately come to mind whenever I came across that term, was one of a Priest commanding an unclean spirit to leave, all the while holding an opened Bible in one hand and the other on the head of the person getting ministered to.

How wrong I was.

What I saw and experienced during the training was immensely peaceful, introspective and most importantly, Spirit led. We would be equipped in the basics during the day and were given time to practise what we learned amongst ourselves. We were unsure of what to do at times, but the Lord took the little that we had and multiplied it as we could see our fellow classmates being healed on the inside. We all felt ministered to and we definitely knew that God was bringing the healing to our lives and souls.

While we were ministering to each other, Ps. Mark, Terry, Angie and Josefa were all ready to give us a hand whenever we felt stuck. They skillfully brought the ministry sessions to a wonderful close each time. By the end of 4 days, we all came out of the training feeling refreshed, light as a feather and also, whole.

At FGA, we come from all walks of life. Each of our lives are so different but one of the things we have in common is that we are all broken people whom God wants to make whole. And prayer ministry is one of the ways He makes us whole again. Prayer ministry is for everyone, and I would encourage every follower of Christ to attend it regularly.


Elijah House Prayer Ministry

Desiring a breakthrough in your life?

Elijah House Prayer Ministry

The Elijah House prayer ministry is based on scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit, through the use of listening prayer and other tools, to uncover roots that hold us to these patterns. In a prayer ministry session, the prayer counsellor leads the seeker in prayer at the foot of the cross to forgive those who wounded him/her, as well as to receive forgiveness of judgments, and other strongholds the heart has formed. Each session is completely confidential and run by a trained prayer counsellor.

Prayer ministry is available to all FGA partners in the month of September. Sign up, and experience newfound freedom and breakthrough in your life!



Laying the Foundations Seminar

Mark and Terry Benavente from Elijah House Ministry, Guam, will be back in FGA this September to conduct the “Laying The Foundations” seminar, which covers the basic principles used in prayer ministry and the keys to receiving heart healing and true breakthrough in our lives.

Date: 10 Sept 2017
Time: 12.30pm – 7.00pm
Venue: Studio 6, FGA@Playfair, Level 4
Seminar Fees: Free of charge
Who can attend: Open to all, and compulsory for those who have signed up for the private prayer ministry sessions.

This session helps attendees identify recurring patterns/sin in their lives by discovering root causes with the help of the Holy Spirit and keys of knowledge including identifying:

  • Bitter root judgments
  • Inner vows
  • Foundational lies

As well as steps to pray through these processes in order to experience a greater level of freedom.



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