Messages & Curriculum

God's word produces growth

Throughout the scriptures, anytime God’s people were instructed to preach, teach, proclaim, instruct or admonish, they were to do so with the goal of seeing the lives of their hearers changed.

Every message comes with a curriculum to help you dig deeper into the message. We pray that the word of God delivered will be helpful to you. 

5 Thru 5 – Parables

Jesus always used stories and illustrations when speaking to crowds. In this series, Pastor Rhordan brings us through five different parables to better understand God’s Kingdom on earth and in

Missions Month

FGA has an apostolic mandate and we desire to plant and build churches to bring the gospel to communities around the world. In this series, we spotlight on missions and

Often Used But Misunderstood

We often throw around words like “faith” without really thinking about what it means. In this two-part series, Pastor Rhordan expounds on what biblical faith is and how we can

Outreach 101

How do we tell others about the Christian reality, with our broken selves and in this broken world?

A Better Investment

In this life, each one of us is given the same amount of time a day. What is a good investment of your time?


Our hope is not in our good deeds, best behaviour or noble intentions. It is based on the promise that Jesus is coming again to restore all the brokenness that we see in the world!