10 Reasons Christian Leaders Should Be On Social Media

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  1. It has influence on people outside our church community.

    79% of Singapore’s population or 4.6 million people use social media. Statistics have showed that the top 3 things people use it for are online gambling, shopping and as a news source. 

  2. It allows us to be culture cultivators.
    God shares our creation mandate with us for a purpose (Gen 1:28). It is to represent him and call into existence the kind of world He wants. As Christians, we have the opportunity to present an alternative viewpoint to the one being shouted out by the enemy. Let’s use this to call out God’s goodness into a broken world.  

  3. It reaches our church community when we are not in church. Using the national average as a guide, about 470 of our partners are on Facebook or Instagram. This provides a great opportunity for us to use our accounts to share what’s going in church, communicate faith, give courage and keep in touch with people. 

  4. It increases our influence as a leader and Christ follower.
    An influencer is someone with sway over their audience. Jesus says that we receive power to be His witness (Acts 1:8). Let’s use the power He has endowed us with to be intentional about influencing people for the Kingdom.
  5. It grows the impact and influence of the church.
    The power of collective effort is not addition but multiplication. When people have multiple touch points to church it makes it easier for them to connect deeper and for us to build community around them. We will indeed be better together.

  6. It strengthens the unity of our leadership team.
    When we are genuinely involved in each other’s life, celebrating every joy and standing with each other through every challenge, it builds unity. And when it’s on a visible platform, like a like or comment on social media, it sends a powerful message to others – that we are indeed Jesus’s disciples by the way we love one another (John 13:35) 

  7. Follow other Christian Leaders.
    Who you follow and whose posts you like or comment on social media is visible to your followers. By following Christian leaders and their posts, not only do you get inspired insights and meaningful motivation, but your followers get to see what the Holy Spirit is doing across the world.

  8. It allows us to shepherd more effectively.
    There have been countless stories of how an insta story picture or random facebook posts has alerted our leaders to someone who is struggling and needs help, but did not ask. If the sheep are on social media, then it makes sense for the shepherd to be there as well. That way, we can pick up when someone is “not waving, but drowning”.

  9. It allows us to equip people.
    YouTube has more than 135 million tutorial videos, teaching everything from baking to bicycle maintenance, make-up tips to how to write new programmes. Matthew 28:20 exhorts us to “teach them to observe all things”, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t use mass media tools to do so as well. For instance, you can start by prayerfully sharing FGA sermon clips on your posts and see how the Lord leads you from there. 

  10. You have the platform where people can see the real, authentic you.
    “In the age of social media, authenticity… is characterised by a consistency and continuity between their online personas and their lives in the real world. The more congruence there is between the two, the more authentic the Postmodern appears to be.” – Forbes.com, Authenticity – The Way to a Millennial’s Heart