Doctrines Class is a study of the most important beliefs of Christianity that sets a solid foundation for sound Christian thinking. The class provides a framework about God, His purposes and how it impacts our lives. The content of this course is from Portland Bible College and an in-house team will be delivering the content and help us to apply His truth into our lives. However, if you are new to the faith, you are recommended to attend Being Rooted Class before attending this class.

From Jul-Nov 2020, we will be covering the following:

11 Jul Doctrine of Sin (Part 1) 
1 Aug Doctrine of Sin (Part 2)
5 Sep Doctrine of Christ (Part 1)
3 Oct Doctrine of Christ (Part 2)
7 Nov Doctrines of Atonement (Part 1)

Time: 2pm-4pm
Venue: Zoom

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