A Better Investment

a 30-day devotional to start the year


A note from Senior Pastor Rhordan Wicks

The single greatest investment of time we can make is time spent with our Lord. I know that may sound like a bold statement, but I am even more persuaded of its truth today than ever before. So in your hands is a tool to help you focus on what is important – time with the Lord. I hope this 30-day devotional will guide you to know God, to know his heart and to have his heart for us revealed to you in fresh ways. The more time we spend in it, the better returns we will see in every other aspect of our lives – careers, families, friendships, ministry and even our leisure time. 

I want to acknowledge and thank Audrey Yap, who has written this devotional. She’s a member of the FGA family, a worshipper and worship leader, and a beloved daughter of the most high God. We honour her obedience to work on this devotional and am grateful for her generous heart to release it for us to use. 

May you be blessed as you choose a better way to use the time we’ve been given. Cheering you on!