Archippus Awakening is sounding a clarion call to awaken believers that they may seek, know and fulfil their kingdom assignments. The AAA Seminar is designed to help you discover God's desire for you to be awakened to His purposes, aligned with His heart and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom.

Join us for the 2-day seminar with Henson Lim and be inspired and challenged to seek what God's assignment for you is, and how you can live a fulfilled Christian life that is anything but aimless.

Day 1: 29 May 7:30pm-10pm
Day 2: 30 May 9:30am-5pm
Venue: Studio 4 & 5 @ Level 3
Open to all! Lunch will be provided on 30 May.



第一天: 5月29日 傍晚7点30分至晚上10点
第二天: 5月30日 早上9点30分至傍晚5点 
地点: Studio 4 & 5 @ 3楼
5月30日 有包括午餐