Bill Johnson said this, which rocked my world of songwriting, “What do you want the church to look like in ten years? Write songs about it now, and we will sing our way into it.”

If the songs we sing today are actually prayers for the generations to come, what are our prayers that we are singing into the atmosphere of FGA today? Songs are actually powerful kingdom prayers that we sing into the heavenlies. They have the ability not only to renew minds but to ignite hearts. 

As sons and daughters of God, we get the privilege to bring the reality of what God has already settled in heaven (Psalms 119:89) to become a reality on earth. What an immense privilege! When our hearts feel injustice for the world around us, we don't need to mope around like there is no hope, we get to enter right into throne room of heaven, get the heart of our Father, pray it and things come into being in His perfect time! We get to co-labor and partner with Christ to enforce heaven's will on earth ("Let Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, as heaven reigns on earth").

The song was rooted on the scripture John 15:8 - By this, my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be my disciples. The vision is that we would be a people who would think generationally. We would be a people who would recognise the call to make disciples who would in turn make disciples ("We are marked to magnify"). 

But how are we supposed to sing about that? I could sing about being someone who will make disciples, and even about what I will do for the Lord, but there was a missing revelation. Surely there must be something more that would add power to it. 

Then one day, God gave me a revelation in John 15 that "apart from Me, you can do nothing." People can have some accomplishments or great success without God (we can even do church and write songs without God), but what Jesus is saying is that we cannot do anything that has eternal value and permanence without God. Then I got what God wanted us to sing into our spirits and hearts. It is way bigger in His eyes. We need to pray that God would open our eyes to what has eternal value and permanence and to stir the fire in our hearts so that we would choose to do the things that matter in eternity. Every time we sing, "Holy Spirit come stir up the fire", we are singing this prayer for ourselves and for His people. We are gradually sowing seeds into the atmosphere. 

When everyone catches the fire, FGA will be a church of surrendered lovers of Jesus ("My life to You, an offering") who will say yes to God, no matter what the cost ("Jesus, you are worth my everything."). God has called us to go and make disciples, and the heart of this song to bring us to a place where we will say Yes to Him, not out of obligation but out of a ignited heart filled with His love. 

Play Worth My Everything in your home and Life Group - chords and lyrics here. Listen to the song here.