“I’m not good enough.”

“Maybe I should wait till I know more about the Bible.”

“What if I can’t answer the questions they ask?”

“But I’m already serving in other ministries!”

Those were just some of the few thoughts and doubts that went through my head when I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to serve in the Girls’ Home ministry (under the Salt and Light ministry). Honestly, I allowed these thoughts to win, and didn’t think about the next steps. It was not until I received a few more prompts from God, and started to feel a bit unnerved about not responding to them, that I eventually went about finding out how to serve.

I love that God knows me better than anyone else does. He knows that I am the type that needs to see the big picture, and so He helped me to understand that my obedience to saying yes to serving in this ministry is just a small step in the journey He wants me to go on. God waits patiently for us, until we are ready to tell our doubts to go away.

I’m not saying that those doubts will magically go away once you say yes. Trust me, I still find those thoughts popping up in my head – more often than I would like them to. However, I’ve learned that it is not about being good or “holy” enough. It’s about my heart of obedience, and allowing God to guide me to say the right things when in the midst of the girls I am serving. It’s never about me. I’m merely a vessel for God to use to speak to them, to be their friends, and most importantly, to be the light and show them God’s love.

So here’s a note of encouragement for you: Don’t ever tell yourself (or God) that you are not good enough, because the truth is – we will never be. That’s how we learn to depend on God.


If you are keen to serve in the Salt and Light ministry, speak to Shawn Lim.