Christmas At FGA

The most wonderful time of the year

English Service

Christmas every year has some elements that stay the same – planning parties, buying gifts or even cooking a grand meal. This year, as we do those things, we are aware that some things will be different. But we are in good company because the first Christmas had some very unexpected events too! 

Live On-site

Date: Sun 20 Dec
Time: 11:30am
Venue: Studio 6 @ Level 4

Live Stream

Live stream available at and on our YouTube channel.


The service will be available on our Facebook and YouTube channels until Sat 26 Dec.

Filipino Service

Date: Sun 13 Dec
Time: 2pm
Venue: Studio 4 & 5 @ Level 3

Live stream available at and on our YouTube channel.

Chinese Service

Date: Sun 25 Dec
Time: 10am
Venue: Studio 4 & 5 @ Level 3

Live stream available at and on our YouTube channel.

Countdown to Christmas

The spirit of Christmas remains the same even as the new normal calls for a change in the way we interact with one another.

Now more than ever, let us focus on connecting deeper – in our friendships, life groups, ministries and within the congregations. Let’s fill this season with love!

Connect Deeper Challenge

As we anticipate Christmas, WE WANT YOU to participate in the countdown with these daily challenges! Share and tag us when you complete a challenge on Facebook and Instagram!

1 Dec: Leave a note of encouragement for a family member.
2 Dec: Pray for someone on Team FGA by name.
3 Dec: Text someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in three months or more.
4 Dec: Share a dessert or a snack with a neighbour.
5 Dec: Send a silly riddle to someone, eg. What did Adam say before Christmas? Answer: It’s Christmas, Eve!
6 Dec: Compliment the person who made or bought you a meal today.
7 Dec: Text someone who is currently overseas.
8 Dec: Pray for an elder or pastor by name.
9 Dec: Tackle a small household chore without anyone asking.
10 Dec: Contact someone at least 10 years older or younger than you and tell them you were thinking about them.
11 Dec: Say hi to a neighbour you meet in the lift.
12 Dec: Pray for someone in our Salt & Light ministry.
13 Dec: Send one of our church planters a Christmas blessing.
14 Dec: Write a thank you message for a Spark Kids or Surge leader.
15 Dec: Send a Christmas card or gift to someone from a different congregation.
16 Dec: Pray for one of our church staff by name.
17 Dec: Surprise someone with a surprise early Christmas present/card.
18 Dec: Share the Christmas story with someone.
19 Dec: Cook/bake a Christmas treat and invite someone to eat with you.
20 Dec: Pray for a life group or ministry leader by name.
21 Dec: Wish your neighbours Merry Christmas!
22 Dec: Invite a friend to your life group party.
23 Dec: Call a relative from your extended family and have a chat with them.
24 Dec: Pray that the love of Christ will fill the heart of every person you made a connection with this month.

House Party Ideas? We Got 'em!

Just like everything else, we need to adapt to guidelines and restrictions to keep everyone safe this season. But no matter what may be announced next, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite Christmas party ideas for you!

How to host a Covid-19 friendly Christmas Party

You’d be forgiven for not being able to keep up with the ever-changing guidelines but it’s vital to be completely informed and in line with current safe gathering measures.

1. Hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes
They may not be the usual Christmas party props but don’t forget to plan them into your gathering. Add fairy lights and Christmas décor for festive feels. 

2. Welcome Drink – The Shirley Temple
It’s red and it’s easy to make! Ingredients:
• Grenadine syrup
• Clear, frizzy soda, like 7UP
• Ice
• Dark, sweet cherries for garnish.
A ratio of 1 grenadine to 8 soda is a good ratio, but by all means, use more (or less) if you want to.

3. Food
This is really up to you. Use delivery options to take the hassle out of preparing meals, or do it pot blessing style! Here is an example of some things you can order/buy-in:
• Roast chicken from the supermarket 
• Shepherd’s pie
• Support local home bakes

Ruth and Rachel are from our English congregation and they are entrepreneurs on Instagram. Check them out at @thebakerscorner_@khookiedough

4. Table Games

One of the joys of sitting around a table is getting to know each other on a deeper level. Here are some table games that can get the ball rolling:
• Instagram Pick – Give the group time to go through their Instagram, or chosen social media account, to choose one photo that they feel best represents themselves and share it with the group.
• M&Ms – Give each person a handful of M&Ms and assign a topic to each colour, eg. blue M&Ms are family. Then, they have to share facts about those topics with someone else.

5. Service
Our Christmas service will be on Youtube from 20-26 Dec. Watch it at your party anywhere, anytime! 

6. Carols
Go to the FGA Singapore Youtube channel for a playlist of our favourite carols by our very own worship team and have a rousing sing-a-long.

7. Gift Exchange
Ask your guests to bring a gift of equal value and have a gift exchange.

8. Group Photo
Take a group photo and post it on social media and tag @fgasingapore. This way, we can all join in the fun!