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Join us for a church online experience every Sunday! Our services are 70 minutes and includes prayer, worship and a word from our pastor.

星期天 早上9点

English Service
Sun 11am

Filipino Service
Sun 2pm

Spark Kids
New video every Sun 12pm

Useful Tips For Church Online

1. Prepare communion elements with bread and grape juice. 用葡萄汁和面包准备圣餐。

2. Be on time, as you won't be able to back track or fast forward the clips as you wish. 请准时参与崇拜,因为您将无法按照自己的意愿在直播时「返回」或「快进」。

3. Submit a prayer request or share a thanksgiving to glorify God 

4. Give tithe and offering online 线上奉献

5. Tech support 技术帮助