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Starting from 29 Mar, join us at these timings  9am Chinese 11am English  and  2pm Filipino  for a church online experience! Streaming will begin 30 minutes before service. 

从3月29日开始,我们的崇拜改为在线直播。 早上9点是华语崇拜  11点英语崇拜  下午2点菲律宾崇拜  。让我们一起体验在线崇拜直播!直播将在崇拜开始前30分钟开放。

Click here to watch!

Follow these steps to launch a unique church online experience in your home!

Day before
• Test your live streaming capabilities and use the largest screen you have in your home. Link your devices to your TV via (1) Smart TV (2) HDMI (3) Chromecast (4) Playstation 4 (5) Apple TV.
• Prepare communion elements. You can purchase grape juice and bread from your local grocer.

30 minutes before
Countdown will start 30 minutes before service.

3 minutes before
Start with a prayer, invite the Holy Spirit and remind ourselves that we are gathered in the name of the Lord.

Service flow
Duration: 1h10min includes Welcome, Worship, Sermon, Holy Communion, Offering and Prayer segments in this order
• Prepare your communion elements before the service, participate in worship and take notes. You may also leave comments to encourage one another!
• Go to to submit your prayers, thanksgiving, feedback and response.
• You can give via Paynow or internet banking, more details at

After service
• Pray according to the prayer points and catch up on all the announcements.

Take note:
1. Do be on time, as you won't be able to back track or fast forward the clips as you wish.

2. Make sure that your speakers are on.
3. For technical assistance, please email to