Circuit Breaker or Circuit Blessing?

When the government first implemented Work-From-Home (WFH) measures, I welcomed them with a sense of gratitude. I would have long periods of uninterrupted time! The initial joy of working from home was indescribable, and I have never felt so productive and creative!

As I entered the second week of WFH, the Holy Spirit nudged me with a question, "Is this extended space simply for you to be productive and creative?"

It set me reflecting. Call us Singaporean or simply human; don’t we want to feel like we can be useful? Do we continue to think this way, now that we have to stay home? We may call the current way of doing things the “new normal”; perhaps what is new is the way of going about our work, the need to do something remains a ‘normal’ in us.

I will be the first to confess that I would spend hours thinking of how to "bless people creatively" during this season. Would it be through a new Tiktok video? Or a blog post? Or Instagram “live” worship session? Or donating to the next social initiative?

These are great ideas, but the Lord revealed that they did nothing for Him, or for His people... They merely served to quench my need to feel useful. Oof. He directed me to the vine and branches analogy we are familiar with.

"Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me." - John 15:4

If my new methods to bless others did not come from a place of abiding in God, they would be meaningless and powerless. Exhausted by my own proud idealism, I spent a few days resting in fellowship with Jesus. It was in this sweet place that I realigned to His heart. I learn to cherish a simple 'blessing' in this season such as spending more time with family members, calling (not texting) friends up to check on them, and interceding for His people, particularly those we can't seem to reach right now (but He can!). All these may be so simple, but they please Him.

There is no lack of ideas how we can contribute to society during this COVID-19 pandemic creatively, financially, or in other aspects. And there is nothing wrong in being a blessing to the community. The point is, before you jump onto the next heroic stint, may I encourage you to pause and return to God first. Let Him be the One who empowers you, and then out of that relationship of love with Him, do what He wants you to do, so that it will be a partnership that glorifies Him alone!