Pentateuch: How to use the guide

An online study series from Creation to the Promised Land


The first five books of the bible – the Pentateuch – unlock for us all the major themes and threads of God’s Story. It lays the foundation for our understanding of God, of Humanity, Sin, relationships, and so much more. In getting a good grasp of these books, we enter a world, though different from ours today, yet absolutely relevant to our questions and concerns. There is much history to mine. There are geographical places unfamiliar to us to learn. There are customs and rules of behaviour that may be foreign to us to discover. But all of them point to a God who desires to be among His people. And in this study we will learn about how to know and relate to this God.

I am excited that you are taking this journey. As you listen, reflect, and dialogue over these lessons, may God’s Spirit guide you. May He reveal Jesus through this study to you and may your faith be strengthened in knowing that the God who is revealed in the beginning pages of scripture is faithful to complete His work in and through you today.

Much love,
Rhordan Wickramasinghe
Senior Pastor

How to use this guide

This course has been designed for Life Groups, one-to-one discipleship and small group classes in FGA. 

This study covers the first five books of the Old Testament, also known as the Pentateuch. Each book study includes video teachings, bible reading guide, discussion questions to internalise learning and application. We encourage all students to watch the videos on their own and read the relevant chapters of the bible in the Reading Guide before meeting with your LifeGroup discipler or classes@FGA study group facilitator to share your responses on the discussion questions. 

Though it is possible to do this study on your own, there are many benefits that come with group learning. It promotes accountability, makes the study more enjoyable and gives you the opportunity to learn from one another. We encourage everyone to do this curriculum with your Life Group/Discipler/CLASSES@FGA study group. 

For each lesson, you are…

  1. To read & watch the following on your own
    • Reading Guide
    • Video Teachings (15-35min)
  2. To process the Application Questions with your Life Group/Discipler/CLASSES study group

7 practical tips to help you enjoy the Old Testament

Understanding the role and structure of the Old Testament will help you to appreciate the Old Testament as a whole. There are a few practical ways to engage with scriptures that will help you to enjoy what you are reading and bring your relationship with God to a deeper level. 

  1. Read slowly
    As you slow down and focus on that one chapter, you are able to dig a little deeper. Don’t try to power through. Allow yourself the space and time to slow down and enter into whatever you’re reading.
  2. Ask Questions
    Enter into conversation with God as you read. Ask questions and write them out in your Bible and take time to listen for God’s answers. In the process, you will not only grow in your understanding of Scripture, but you will also grow in your prayer life as you actively converse with God about His Word.  
  3. Journal
    Record your thoughts and insights in your journal. Verses that spoke to you or encouraged you in your current season. Journaling helps to crystallise your thoughts. It helps you dwell longer on what you are studying. It also helps you think more about what you have read as you write or draw in your journal. 
  4. Read with someone else
    Life is often more enjoyable when we have someone to share it with, and the same can be true when it comes to Bible reading. That’s why we highly recommend doing this in a small group or with your discipler. When you come together and talk about what you learned, this creates a level of accountability and allows you to glean from what others have learned. 
  5. Follow the reading plan recommended in this guide
    The reading plan has been carefully designed to guide you through the curriculum. It helps you to develop a habit of reading the Bible. Each day of the plan gives you an assigned passage to read and keeps you on track to follow the content covered in this curriculum. 
  6. Use your imagination
    Allow God’s word to engage your imagination. Put yourself into the story, watch it play out in your mind’s eye. Picture the people you’re reading about, picture God and how He interacts with people. The possibilities are endless and the impact leads to a more enjoyable experience with the Old Testament as the words on the page come to life.
  7. Ask God for a passion for His story
    When it comes down to it, God is ultimately the one who helps us enjoy Scripture. So go ahead and ask Him. Tell Him when you find the scriptures hard to understand and ask Him to help you enjoy what you are reading.