In-depth study of God's word

A spiritually mature person finds leadership for their life, not only in their awareness of the world, but also and centrally, in the bible as their primary guide for daily living. 

Our desire is to help Christians strengthen their commitment to Christ, their understanding of the Word and their love for His church through these classes at FGA.

Being Rooted

This class will cover the basic foundations of the Christian faith:
– Salvation
– Church Family
– Biblical Worship
– The Bible
– Tithes & Offering
– Sharing your Faith
– Prayer
– Communion
– Spiritual Warfare
– Water Baptism 
– Holy Spirit Baptism

Cycle 2: Sep 2022
Time & Venue: To be confirmed

Who is this for: Open to FGA partners and visitors. Attendance is required for water baptism in FGA. 

Book of Philippians

Paul’s letter to the Philippians has been called his charter of Christian unity because he wrote passionately about why and how they should stand as one united and rejoicing community even as they face oppositions to their faith. By looking closer at the specific circumstances and purposes of this letter, this course hopes to surface the timeless message of Philippians for the contemporary believer.

Who is this for: Open to everyone. 

Registration closed.


Study the most important beliefs of Christianity and set a solid foundation for sound Christian thinking. The class provides a framework about God, His purposes and how it impacts our lives.

Doctrine of God
Date: 2, 9 & 16 Jul
To be confirmed

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
1 & 18 Oct
To be confirmed

Who is this for: Open to FGA partners and visitors. Next step for those who have completed Being Rooted. 


God wants to pull out the weeds in your life and renew the areas that have grown stagnant. Through a variety of teaching and prayer sessions, Encounter will allow you to start walking in the new freedom God has for you. 

Topics include:
– Positioning for an encounter with Christ
– The Four Primary Laws 
– Bitter Root Judgements and Expectancies
– Inner Vows
– Foundation Lies
– Accomplishing Forgiveness

Format: Participants to watch videos provided during a two-week window before joining a ZOOM small group session.

Cycle 2: 8 & 29 Sep
Time: 8pm-9pm
Venue: ZOOM

Who is this for: Open to FGA partners and visitors. Next step for those who have completed Being Rooted.

Know Your Shape

God has gifted every Christian with talents and gifts to serve others. This class will look at five areas of your life: Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality & Experience.

Includes two workshops and a one-on-one interview with a facilitator who will walk you through your SHAPE profile and point you towards the serving opportunities based on your SHAPE.

Cycle 2: 23 & 30 Jul
Time & Venue:
To be confirmed

Who is this for: Open to FGA partners interested in discovering his/her SHAPE for ministry.

Navigating Your Finances God's Way

This class is conducted in partnership with Compass, a non-profit ministry that teaches people of all ages how to handle money based on biblical principles.

Who is this for: Open to everyone.

Registration has closed.


The word “partnership” is derived from the Latin word for “portion”. In partnership, it allows each of us to share and plough into the same vision that cannot be reached by either of us alone.

Through this class, get to learn and understand what we stand for – the mission, values, beliefs, strategy and structure of our church.

28 May
Time: 2:30pm-4pm
To be confirmed

24 Sep
Time: 2:30pm-4pm
To be confirmed

Who is this for: Open to those who are thinking of getting planted in FGA.

Pre-Marital Counselling

Start a 10-week journey with our couple mentors to learn and hear real-life practical experiences that will help you to build strong and thriving marriages.

Topics include:
– God’s design for marriage
– The role of the husband and wife
– Appreciation of each other’s qualities
– Fulfilling needs in marriage and the five love languages
– Communication
– Financial goals and priorities
– Resolving conflicts
– Relating with in-laws
– Sexual intimacy
– Planning your family

Who is this for: Open to couples who are partners of FGA. The pre-marital counselling should be planned a year in advance before wedding date.