Children today are highly connected to the Internet through mobile devices. They have ubiquitous access to the persistent virtual worlds that are usually synonymous with addictive video games. They also tap into social networks and games to instantly connect and interact with others. With multiple distractions, children face challenges to maintain focus and hold their attention in education and other real-life pursuits.

This workshop draws from scientific research regarding the impact of such exposure on child development, learning & social relationships. They will also gain insight into why such devices and applications are so addictive. Parents will learn practical handles to manage the impact of digital devices in their child’s lives. Most importantly, the programme will discuss how parents can develop resilience and self- regulation in young children.

NEXT CLASS: 20 Apr 2018, Friday, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

COST: $5 per family (grandparents are welcome)

About the Speaker

Poh Yeang Cherng

Mr. Poh Yeang Cherng is Principal Consultant at Amplitude Consulting Pte. Ltd. He has a Masters of Mass Communication and is a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach. In a varied career, he accrued managerial experience in multinational companies & attained entrepreneurial success with several businesses. He also built & led a team in the non- profit sector to attain Singapore’s highest accolade (for Youth), for "enriching the hearts & souls of the community & bringing distinction to the nation".

Yeang Cherng is passionate about designing transformational learning experiences that impacts people & communities. To meet the societal needs in the digital age, he pioneered the Singapore Cyber Wellness movement, and developed a national framework for cyber wellness values & best practices. As lead consultant, he trained multiple commercial entities to promote cyber wellness through public education. In 2006, he set up Singapore’s first Cyber Wellness Centre, developed & validated treatment protocols for pathological video gamers.

His StrengthsFinder® talent themes (Achiever- Ideation-Relator- Strategic-Analytical) distinguish him as a relentless creator of evidence-based interventions for clients’ engagement and well- being. He also created StrengthsTransformTM, a suite of programmes, diagnostic tools & board games, for coaching, intervention, leadership development & teambuilding.


Highlights of Professional Experience

1. Crafted Singapore’s National Cyber Wellness Framework and Cyber Wellness Values for Media Development Authority, Cyber Wellness Task Force (2004)
2. Designed National Cyber Wellness Training Templates for MDA (2005)
3. Designed and executed MDA’s train-the-trainer cyber wellness programme for 26 candidates from 6 authorised training companies (2005)
4. Setup Singapore’s first Cyber Wellness Centre in 2006
5. Faculty member for Executive Counselling & Training Academy since 2008
6. Curriculum Development & Master Trainer for Health Promotion Board (HPB) & Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Cyber Wellness Parenting Workshops for 2011 & 2012

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