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Full Gospel Assembly Singapore is committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of our guests who completed this form in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). This privacy policy applies only to information collected through this form. The information that we collect from you will not be sold, rented, lent, exchanged or used by another individual or entity. It will only be used for church records and communication purposes. I consent to receiving communication and updates about the church, Full Gospel Assembly Singapore. I will contact the church in writing (by emailing to if I wish to withdraw this consent. 新加坡全备福音堂会致力于根据个人数据保护法 (PDPA) 保护填写此卡人的个人数据和隐私。本隐私政策仅适用于通过本连接卡收集的信息。我们从您那里收集的信息不会被其他个人或实体出售、出租、出借、交换或使用。它只会用于教会记录和交流目的。签署此表格,即表示您同意我们收集、使用您的个人数据以供教堂使用。