FGA has always had an apostolic mandate, and we have invested much into planting churches and raising local missionaries over the years, equipping them to do the work of the ministry. We realised that while locals have a better understanding of the culture and the language, and the heart to reach people for Christ, they may not always have the finances, the organisational knowledge or advisors who can walk with them during the initial start of their ministry.

This is where FGA hopes to be helpful—to train, share our experiences, and equip the right people with the vision and heart that God has given us as a church, so we can work together well, as partners.


What is the FGA Church Planting School?

FGA Church Planting School’s mission is to equip and raise local Christians to plant indigenous churches that will be self-financed, self-governed and eventually able to self- propagate. We are a mobile school, with the focus on South-East Asia. Each year,we organise 1 to 2 cohorts with 5 to 10 trainees in each batch.

The course is a on-board 10-weeks training program. During the course, apart from lectures, you will also be exposed to community living along with practical training such as evangelising to nearby communities and learning how to make disciples through starting LifeGroups.

Upon completion of each batch, we will select individuals who are called to plant churches, to partner with FGA in church planting. During this partnership, we will support in the areas of prayers, mentorship, visitation and finances for a prescribed period of time.


During the 10-weeks training, the topics includes:

• FGA & Our Vision on Planting Missional Churches • Living by Faith in Church Planting
• Evangelism in a Skeptical World
• Strategic Planning
• The Bible & Christian Mission
• Theology of Mission
• Church, Humanity & the Christian Life
• Missionary Methods
• Missional Churches & Leadership
• Cross-cultural Church Planting
• Discipleship is Small Groups for Big Impact • Reaching Students in Schools & Colleges
• Gathering People into Small Groups
• GABS Process in Church Growth



Date: 7 January 2019 - 17 March 2019
Location: Cebu
Cost: Free, inclusive of meals, lodging and course materials*
*Does not include; personal expenses and transportation to the school’s location



• Matured Christian with a heart for missions, or bible school graduates • Proficient in English (the training will be conducted in English)
• Filipinos who are willing to serve in the Philippines


If you are interested to apply, please fill up our Online Application Form. We will contact you shortly for an interview.

Application closes on 18 November 2018

You can also download our brochure in pdf form here.