Our elders gather to dedicate Pastor Dodi and launch FGA Surabaya.

We hold as Scriptural and fundamental the principle of local Church government by qualified men called elders, and in conjunction with the elders, are qualified men called deacons. These men must qualify according to the qualifications laid down in the Scriptures (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1:5-9)

That is, the local Church is sovereign under Christ’s headship, and all ecclesiastical power is exercised by each local Church assembled as a congregation and decisions thus made shall not be subject to change or reversal by any other ecclesiastical body. This Church is autonomous, but advice and counsel from qualified elders of other bodies of like principles and faith may be sought.


  • Charles Lim
  • Henry Tan
  • Khoo Oon Theam
  • Ong Sing Lim
  • Paul Seow
  • Peter Seow
  • Rhordan Wickramasinghe
  • Robert Lee
  • Samuel Chan
  • Thomas Lee
  • Woon Hin Swee

Board Members

  • Samuel Chan (President)
  • Ong Sing Lim (Vice President)
  • Matthew Tong (Secretary)
  • Tong En Tong (Treasurer)
  • Charles Lim (Member)
  • Rhordan Wickramasinghe (Member)
  • Jay Tan (Co-opted member)
  • Stephanie Ng (Co-opted member)
  • Joshua Khiu (Co-opted member)