GRO Con comprises two half-day conferences featuring keynote classes and electives. For the children, we have fun and exciting programmes planned for them too!

27 Aug: Reflecting Christ in Us “WWJD – What Would Jesus Do?”
More than a slogan, one of the most fundamental aspect of our growth as a Christian is becoming more like the One whom we are following after. What does it take for a believer to gradually become like his or her Saviour?

3 Sep: Revealing Christ to the World
The Church is the body of Christ and the tangible extension of His Presence on earth. How does this affect the Church’s understanding of its own identity and, more importantly, its relationship to the world?

Pastor David desires to help believers encounter God’s presence through His Word. He is married to a wonderful wife and has three boys and a girl.

27 Aug: Building faith in your children (4-12 years old)
Practical ways of building faith foundations for spiritual foundation in children.

3 Sep: Building faith in your youth (13-18 years old)
Practical ways of engaging in spiritual conversations for spiritual formation in youth.

Pastor Chien Chong is actively involved in children’s ministries and youth groups across Singapore. He has been married for 20 years and has two teenage sons.

A new normal: A new level of anxiety?
Many of us face anxiety as we consider the uncertainty of the future, and remember the challenges of the recent past. Our coping mechanisms may not be helping us effectively overcome this anxiety. What can we do differently – both to help ourselves and to care for those around us who are struggling?

Karam has been serving as a psychologist in the Prison service since 1999. He is happily married to Karen and they both love and dote on Joshua, their only son.

Living life in the Holy Spirit means cooperating with the Holy Spirit in us to be the Christians that we are. See the real change in your life when you set your heart on the leading of the Holy Spirit, depending on Him and yielding ourselves to Him.

Pastor Sam is committed to serving and helping every person achieve their fullest potential. He is married to Grace Deborah who works alongside him to empower the church to fulfil the call of God. 


9:30am Welcome & Worship
10:00am Keynote
11:15am Break
11:30am Electives
12:30pm End

Children’s Programme

9:30am Welcome
10:00am Activity
11:15am Snack
11:30am Activity
12:30pm End

GRO Con - 27 Aug & 3 Sep