Elder Woon Hinswee and his wife, Bat Ching, are a powerhouse couple known and loved by many across our campuses. With them also comes years of discipleship experiences! Despite all that, they candidly agree that the ultimate ‘trainer’ of their discipleship walk is still their daughter.

Read their story and learn about the challenges and heart-warming rewards of discipling.

1. Describe your early days as a leader, along with funny and memorable moments!

Hinswee: When I was in my second year as a Christian I was asked to lead the Chinese youth group. The youth that I led knew Christ more than I did! They knew the Bible better and were more talented in many areas than myself. As such, I had to do a lot of reading to answer a lot of tough Bible questions, as well as plan a lot of activities for them. I led a challenge with the youth to complete the Bible in one year! One of the youth actually completed it before I did!

Bat Ching: I co-led with Hinswee, before taking up the leading role of the children's ministry in Chinese service in 2008, as the person-in-charge had left for another country. The kids who came to the Chinese service were from low income families. Besides Bible lessons, I also had to teach them personal hygiene, like brushing their teeth daily.  

2. What are your favourite personal stories of discipleship?

Hinswee: I had a memorable discipleship with then-youths Caleb, Cynthia and Esther (now serving in the Chinese Campus). We completed DE after more than 2 years. We also went to the prayer mountain in Korea many times together, and went for street evangelism and “treasure hunting” in Orchard and Macpherson areas.

Hinswee and his disciples, all grown up.

Bat Ching: One of the boys in my ministry asked me for a Bible. I gave him an NIV. He liked reading the Bible so much that he got so familiar with the content. Even when his mom scolded him for misbehaviour, he was angry, sobbing, yet he was reading the bible!  And he told me, he would want to become a pastor one day.  He is now 18, attending another church.

3. What is the biggest challenge for yourself as a leader?

Hinswee: Then, I had no mentor. Time needed to be spent with the people I discipled instead.

Bat Ching: There was insufficient man power to sustain the ministry and I was running it solo.  Over time, I grew stressed. The parents of the kids were pre-believers, and they were unhappy when I disciplined their kids, and so disallowed the kids to come to church.

4. What has God taught you through leadership?

Hinswee: Patience!

Bat Ching: Never run ahead of God.  We must rely on Him completely to seek His direction and pace.

Life group!

5. Complete this sentence: Discipleship is…

Hinswee: The way God intended His kingdom to be established and reign on earth.

Bat Ching: …Coaching others on how to follow Jesus, through our own spiritual experience, with the Holy Spirit and our knowledge of His living words.

6. Enough about you as a leader - let’s talk about you as a disciple. What do you love or appreciate most about your leader(s)?

Hinswee: They were very trusting and gave me a free hand as a leader when I started out. They had a burden and were always thinking of how to win souls.

Bat Ching: Their practice of spiritual gifting, wisdom, love and patience in building the family of Christ.