If you are considering making FGA your church and want to get plugged in, the best way to get connected is to visit our LifeGroups. Our LifeGroups meet throughout the week, and we have groups catered to different age groups. At LifeGroup, you will be able to walk together with like-minded people in learning about God, reading the Word, enjoying friendships and participating in each other's lives.

To join a LifeGroup, or visit one, fill in the form below.

LifeGroups in FGA

Leaders Profile of Group Venue Meeting Times
Sueann Tan Young Adult FGA@Playfair Alternate Tue, 7:30pm
Kelvin Koh, Woon Hin Swee Adult FGA@Playfair 1st and 3rd Wed, 8pm
Mun & Evie Tham Working Adult Macpherson Alternate Fri, 7:30pm
Prince Benedict, Bryant Poh NSF and Tertiary (All Guys) FGA@Playfair Alternate Fri, 7:30pm
Zechariah & Yasmeen Koh Working Adult Boon Keng Alternate Fri, 8pm
Amanda Kwek, Genevieve Chen Working Adult FGA@Playfair 2nd and 4th Sat, 3pm
David & Zesamine Lee Working Adult FGA@Playfair Alternate Sat, 2:30pm
Thomas & Celine Eu Working Adult FGA@Playfair 2nd Sat, 2:30pm and 4th Sat, 7:30pm
Carol Wee Adult (All Girls) FGA@Playfair Alternate Sun, 12:30pm
Matthew Kumar, Woon Hin Swee Working Adult FGA@Playfair 2nd & 4th Sun, 12:30pm
Nalinee Barrett Adult FGA@Playfair Starting in Jul
Maureen Khoo Intergeneration Upper Serangoon Crescent/FGA@Playfair 2nd and 4th Thu, 8pm
Juliawati Widya Intergeneration FGA@Playfair 1st, 2nd and 4th Fri, 8pm

Vincent Toh

Intergeneration FGA@Playfair 2nd and 4th Sat, 3pm
Benjamin & Emily Dang, Celine Peng Intergeneration FGA@Playfair Every Sun, 1pm
Cindy Gan Intergeneration FGA@Playfair Every Sun, 1pm
Randal and Christine Lim Intergeneration FGA@Playfair Every Sun, 1pm
Shanti Naidu Mothers FGA@Playfair 2nd and 4th Fri, 7pm
Henry & Irelyn Ng, John Herbert Families Holland Ave 2nd and 4th Fri, 8pm
Michael Koh Families Braddel Every Fri, 8pm
Polly Chua Seniors Clementi Park, Sunset Way Every Thu, 8pm
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