Online Welcome Lobby

From Sun 1 Aug 2021, the live stream will end after the message. Communion, offering, announcements and benediction will take place in the Online Welcome Lobby (ZOOM).

Why are we doing this?
Online services allow us to worship and hear messages from the comfort of our homes, however, communion was always meant to be a shared meal. To gather around the Lord’s table and remind ourselves that Jesus’ work on the cross was not just for ‘me’ but for ‘us’.

Video conferencing via ZOOM allows us to do that – it makes the invisible church visible to one another by gathering virtually to break bread and pray as a body of Christ. Our pastors and elders will lead us in this time.

Let us not just watch church, or go to church, but BE the church.

How to OWL


1. What do I need? A ZOOM Account. ZOOM is a secure and reliable video communication platform compatible with your phone, tablet or desktop. Download

2. How to join? The link for the ZOOM will be available in the chat during our YouTube live stream and in the description box.

3. When to join? After the sermon message, look out for the invite from the host and click the link to join! Team OWL will be there to greet you.

4. What to expect? Communion (led by one of our pastors/elders), offering and receive the benediction before you log off. We’ll love for you to stay and chat a little with our team too!

See you there!