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A simple act can open a closed heart

30 September 2020

When Spark Kids ventured into weekly Zoom gatherings, it was with the heart to connect regularly with every child. Here is Teacher Amanda and her story:

“Since we started gathering on a weekly basis, my class (middlers) have grown closer! They would stay back after class (right up till 11am when the English service starts) to chat and share about their homes with one another. 

Even the shyer ones have become more open to talking about their personal lives. Now, they are also willing to read the memory verses out loud instead of typing in the chat! Praise God!”

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Connect intentionally

23 September 2020

At our church plant in Cebu, video lessons are specially crafted for children and teenagers while young adults are invited to Zoom video conferences to connect with one another!

Moreover, a total of 8 house churches are tuning in together for the online services conducted by Pastor Sheryl. Praise God!

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Grow and multiply

20 September 2020

At FGA Dueñas, Ilo Ilo, 2 new bible study groups were started by sister Josephine Pagdato and Brother Ray John Aquiño! Regular mentorship and discipleship sessions are also held after their prayer meetings. 

Indeed, when we come to God in confidence, He gives us the grace and mercy to do all that He wants us to do. We praise God for the new wineskin and pray for growth and multiplication in Dueñas!

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19 September 2020

On Sat 19 Sep, our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held over Zoom for the first time. The meeting was successful and we thank all partners who participated. We’ll also like to share some changes in the Board of Directors. 

We thank Brother Jay Tan for serving faithfully as Treasurer for the last two years. As the FGA constitution requires the Treasurer to be rotated every two years, Jay will step down from this role and remain on the Board as a co-opted member.

We thank Brother Joshua Khiu for stepping up and taking on the role as our new Treasurer.

Brother Chan Seek Kian and Sister Tiffany Goh are new co-opted members.

Board of Directors
President: Elder Samuel Chan
Vice President: Elder Ong Sing Lim
Treasurer: Brother Joshua Khiu
Secretary: Brother Matthew Tong
Member: Elder Charles Lim
Member: Elder Rhordan Wickramasinghe
Member: Brother Tong En Tong
Co-opted Member: Brother Jay Tan
Co-opted Member: Sister Stephanie Tong
Co-opted Member: Brother Chan Seek Kian
Co-opted Member: Sister Tiffany Goh

The board is the governing body of the church who ensure compliance with policies and manage church facilities. We thank God for their commitment, guidance and counsel over the church body.

Draw the circle wider

16 September 2020

Even though we can’t gather in the building yet, we can draw the circle wider by organising watch parties. Here is Sueann’s story:

“I’ve been watching service on my own at home for way too long! It feels like a part of my spiritual walk has been severely wounded from the lack of community to gather and worship with. 

So I decided to meet up with a lifegroup member, Emily at a restaurant to watch the service together. The place was a little noisy, it was difficult watching from the small screen and it consumed a lot of data and battery. Despite all that, it was the BEST church experience I’ve had in a while!

We got to worship, pray, take communion, and even dialogue on the sermon after. This was everything I needed. It is so cleat that the church isn’t meant to be ‘spectated’ alone, but done together with a community.”

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Experiencing God's provision

12 September 2020

God always provides and cares for His children. Here is Bruce’s story:

“When Covid-19 hit, a job that my wife, Yovin was supposed to start did not come through. As such, my whole family was depending on my pay. On top of that, I also took a pay cut. We were very panicky as we didn’t know what was going to happen. But God heard our cry for help and sent angels to help us.

For the past few months, we have been receiving groceries from anonymous senders. Some of the groceries were from “FGA Angel”. So, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to all who have helped us. And thank you God, for listening to our prayers, providing and sending FGA Angels and all the brothers and sisters to help us tide through these months.

Some time ago, I came across this quote, “We give not because we have plenty, but because we know how it feels like to have little.” Dear brothers and sisters, if you know of anyone who is going through a hot spot, I would like to encourage you to give a helping hand. It doesn’t matter how much you give or what you give, it’s the act that matters. As a recipient myself, I can vouch that it would certainly move the receiver to press on knowing that there are people out there who are truly concerned and care about what is happening to them.”


New appointment

10 September 2020

We are pleased to announce that Kelvin Leong has been appointed as the new Ministry Head of the Salt & Light ministry.

Kelvin is part of the FGA staff team has been serving with the Salt & Light ministry for 18 years. His journey has allowed him to cross paths with faithful volunteers that have spurred him on and inspired him to commit wholeheartedly to the ministry, both the pastoral care of those still incarcerated as well as the growth of the ex-offenders in their care at the Vision Centre. The ministry’s future plans include outreach efforts to the residents in St Luke Eldercare.

Here are some areas where you can keep the ministry in prayer:
1. Pray for the outreach – Pray that the Lord will lead them and for this partnership to be centred in God’s love.
2. Pray for the ministry – Pray that they would be passionate in their outreach, and for the ministry to remain faithful and united in His call.

Open doors

6 September 2020

At FGA Dueñas, Ilo Ilo, church members stepped up to give their time and resources to renovate the church. 3 new bible study groups were started in 3 different villages and God healed a member of osteoporosis!

Praise God for His mighty hand! Let us pray that God will continue to open doors for His word to be taught.


Better together

2 September 2020

Aside from meeting digitally for prayer and equipping, Pastor Josefa also invites small groups to her house every Sunday. They get to catch up over lunch, tune into service together and partake communion in each other’s presence. 

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Happy Teacher's Day

1 September 2020

The purpose of Teacher’s Day is not so much as to enjoy a day-off, but more to celebrate a vocation – a call from God to teach. A teacher is one who communicates to their students – attitudes, skills and subject matter that will contribute to their development as mature, able and responsible people. 

So, dear teachers, thank you for being that example of God’s love in the education of many lives. We pray that God will give you an abundance of wisdom, the courage to say what needs to be said, tools and knowledge on how and when to speak love. When they feel unseen, remind them that no moment goes unnoticed and that they are shaping the future in one million small – yet incredibly important ways every day. Bless them, Lord, and may they see a glimpse of how their faithfulness will forever impact generations to come. 

New life in Christ

30 August 2020

On Sat 29 Aug, five brothers and one sister at FGA Cagayan De Oro were water baptised! We rejoice and celebrate their new life in Christ! Let us pray that God will show up powerfully in their lives as they walk in His footsteps.

“If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV 


Answered prayers

29 August 2020

At FGA Batam, God has answered prayers in regards to work, health and restoration in families. We are thankful for three baptism candidates and for the spiritual growth in our global family! 

The team is asking God to provide a piece of land that they can build the church on. Let us stand together with them in prayer.


Axis & Crossfire

27 August 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new next generation ministries in FGA.

Crossfire is a ministry for those amongst us who are serving NS. This ministry will support our young men as they serve their nation and provide them with a community of people who have similar experiences. 

Axis is a ministry that targets university students and will provide a platform for them to share their journey in uni, in faith and how to live according to the purpose they are called to. 

Synergy, which used to serve these post-Surge groups has closed. JC/Poly/ITE students will now be a part of the Surge ministry which be divided into secondary and post-secondary groups.

Next level

26 August 2020

At FGA Cagayan De Oro, Cheral and Dyan are being equipped and empowered through the Church Planting School. We are excited to partner with them to lead the church to the next level! They have also started a new tent making venture to sell customised cake toppers to local stores and independent bakers. Let us pray for God’s favour to resource their venture!


His mighty hand

23 August 2020

At our church plant in Bicol, not only have they been able to bless families with food, they were also able to purchase a tent, 20 chairs and a guitar so that they can conduct services even when the weather is bad. Praise God for His financial blessing!

God also healed the sick in their community from tetanus and various pains. Finally, of all the good news, this is the best – a salvation through an online lifegroup! Thank you God!

Let us keep them in our prayers as they are believing God for a down-payment for the church premise and a motorcycle to replace hired tricycles as they are expensive and dangerous.


A healthy fellowship

22 August 2020

Uncle Gabriel and a few friends from the Golden Years ministry went for a refreshing morning walk together in Bishan Park. What a healthy way to fellowship!

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God provides

19 August 2020

The pandemic has done nothing to stop or slow down the church and our Chinese Congregation is no exception!

They have continued to worship God, teach the bible, disciple people in small groups, visit the sick, train and equip volunteers and even conduct water baptism. Praise God!

God provides

19 August 2020

At FGA Surabaya, even though their lives were disrupted, they continued to give. Here is Pastor Dodi’s story: 

“Even though we had no income for the past five months, we were able to provide rental and food to some students. 

We thank God for the easing of the restrictions because that has allowed us to reopen our businesses in order to finance the church. Praise God for His providence!”


Walk and bond

10 August 2020

On a rare public holiday on the Monday after National Day, a group of five from the Salt & Light ministry went for an exercise at the Southern Ridges. Not only did they manage to clock many steps, they also had a great time bonding!

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10 Year Anniversary @ 15 Playfair

8 August 2020

We thank God for FGA@Playfair, a building that our faithful God provided for us 10 years ago today!

In this place, we housed gatherings, celebrations and life transformation moments like baptisms, weddings, child dedications and so much more.

All glory to God for His faithfulness in giving us a home in this city while we wait on our home in His glorious city!

Happy Birthday Singapore

9 August 2020

20 years of faithfulness

8 August 2020

20 years ago, Pastor Josefa Firmacion joined the staff team at FGA. She remained faithful through the seasons, heeding to her calling to lead and shepherd her flock (Filipino Congregation).

“In 1998, my husband moved to Singapore and joined the then Filipina Fellowship. In 1999, he moved us all to Singapore because he heard from the Lord that we are called to serve Him in FGA,” recalls Ps Josefa.

I replied him, “If the Lord really is calling me to serve Him, I will pray first for a confirmation that He will give peace into my heart. Praise be to God, I experienced peace in my heart after one week of prayer.”

Despite the difficult beginning with many rejections and challenges fitting in, Ps Josefa and her family committed to stay and serve in FGA. Shortly after, she was approached to work in church. She introduced communion, made Bible study a priority, organised a worship ministry, and launched the Filipino service that we know today. We are grateful for her leadership, her passion, her willingness to say yes, her consistency, her teachable heart and spirit.

“I really thank our Lord for FGA,” said Aunty Jo, as she is affectionately known. “I have confidence in myself because the leadership have given me their confidence. They gave me every opportunity to explore my spiritual gifts and talents in the ministry. They were there when we had personal and family problems.”

“I feel the love. I feel I belong to a family. As long as I am breathing, my family and I will always serve God and love our brethren in this church.”

Love your neighbour

30 July 2020

Corporate worship is a key component in our weekly service that aligns our hearts to our Father before the word of God is being preached. 

We’re thankful for the team who continue to lead us from their own houses of worship! Here’s a sharing from one of our musicians:

“This season of recording brings a mix of emotions – confusions while learning new technical skills, discouragement when things didn’t go as planned and delight upon achieving what is needed. 

It’s a love-hate relationship but what I cannot ignore is the constant stirring in my heart to keep pressing on. God will honour what we bring to His table!” – Grace Ang, Keyboardist

Moving into Phase 2

19 July 2020

In these troubled times, we know we need Jesus and one another more than ever. We simply cannot give up meeting together and encouraging one another to press on in faith.

Moving into Phase 2, groups of not more than 5 are now allowed to gather. Within the home, households may receive up to 5 visitors at a time. In these troubled times, As a community, we can connect with one another over a meal, visit each other and even meet up to tune in to service together!

As we resume activities, let’s be mindful of the safety measures:

• Practise good personal hygiene.
• Ensure safe distancing and adhere to safe management principles.
• Use SafeEntry to check in and out when required.
• Download and install TraceTogether app.
• Seniors, who are especially vulnerable, should continue to exercise extra caution.

We encourage each of you to be both wise and courageous at this time. Let our faith, hope, and love be a blessing to each other and our community.

Visit for more information.

Boys Brigade FGA Primers

13 July 2020

FGA started a new ministry called Boys Brigade FGA Primers today! BB FGA Primers is a part of the Boys Brigade of Singapore and FGA is honoured to be chosen to be one of the sponsor churches. The ministry is led by Elder Woon.

If you have a heart for the youth from local Secondary schools, Polytechnics and ITE, consider BB Primers as a ministry you could serve in! Contact us at for more details.

Circuit Breaker Measures

4 April 2020

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke of the need to implement an elevated set of safe distancing measures in order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

One of the measures put in place is the closure of all premises that are non-essential which includes our building. As such, we will not be gathering in 15 Playfair for the foreseeable future out of love for those most vulnerable in our community.

Services will also be streamed on although you may notice some subtle changes, such as a simpler service format and speakers addressing you from their homes. But the heart of worship remains the same – we “gather” to magnify the One who deserves all our devotion and praise.

Let us pray and uphold Singapore’s governing authorities, healthcare workers and essential services into God’s hands. Stay home and stay safe!