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This workshop is postponed. Notices will be posted when a new date is set.

Open to all parents! Learn how to start open and honest conversations on healthy sexuality, love and relationships with your children. Discover new ways to approach the subject that will help your children to make wise decisions in their relationships.

About the facilitators

Dennis Low is an Assistant Pastor and youth leader in FGA. He is passionate about leading the young to encounter God in worship. Dennis has more than 15 years in youth ministry experience. He understands the heartbeat of young people today and the various threats and pitfalls that they may face. He is married to Alycia Lim and have one toddler. 

Jennifer Pang is a full-time youth worker with Singapore Youth for Christ for about 20 years. She is passionate about reaching the young for Christ and works with primary school children and teens. In the course of her ministry work, she has supported many families in crisis and journeyed alongside them. She is married to Vincent Toh and have 3 children. 

Dennis and Jennifer have been trained by Focus on the Family to run sex education workshops.

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