Recovering Your Story (Part Two)

 This is the second of a three-part entry about recovering God’s story for our lives. Read Part One if you missed it previously.

Know how we have been assaulted

It is the image of God reflected in you that so enrages hell; it is this at which the demons hurl their mightiest weapons -William Gurnall

We were created in the image of God. An image that all of us bear and one that is good and holy. The enemy fears us. He knows we will do a lot of damage on the side of good, for the sake of the Kingdom of God and in the name of our King Jesus. So he targets our identity and attacks with lies during times of trauma and brokenness to distort it. Because a person who doesn’t truly know who he or she is can’t live out the life that God meant. 

So even if a careless word was spoken to us, he is there whispering things like maybe people just don’t like you.  We try harder to be accepted, by agreeing with it, and that dangerously leads us on the path to self-sufficiency, self-dependence and gives the people around us the power to validate us instead of putting it in its rightful place, in the hands of the Father.

That’s just one example. Each person’s story is different and unique. Find an example and look for others over the course of your life and then you will start to notice something. That there is a theme to the brokenness in your life. 

In recovering your story perhaps it would be good to ask these questions. What’s the message behind the brokenness?

What’s the theme of the brokenness in my life? 

Have you been bullied when you were young for voicing out? Maybe you were made to be a voice and not an echo.

Have you been mocked for being sensitive? Maybe you were made with a sensitive heart to be able to feel what others can’t and to walk with people in a unique way. 


I have learnt that brokenness also comes about when we are not yet whole or the people we are relating to are not yet whole. Unfortunately, these people are sometimes the people that are closest to us. Are there wounds that need to be tended to? Are there people that we need to forgive and release into God’s hands? Maybe things didn’t work out quite as well you have thought and don’t know how to handle the disappointments. Maybe relationships? Marriage? Maybe you were assaulted with accusations and injustice and now there is some resentment?

Our past colours our present. So how we have chosen to deal with our brokenness contributes a lot to how we see God and see ourselves, more than we like to admit. We could be limiting God based on the way we have dealt with our specific brokenness, believing contrary to who He says he is. Sometimes the hurt is too much and we bandage it with self-medication – like sweeping it under the carpet, callousing our hearts to each other and to God. Over time, these become strongholds which hinder the working and experience of God in our lives. These further hinder our relationships, hinder our purpose and calling, hinder love. 

The good news is that God loves us too much to leave us with these filters and strongholds in our lives that do so much damage.

In recovering our story, we can pinpoint the origin of these strongholds and then let Christ set us free to be loved and to love God as he truly is and not through filters, brokenness, self-redemption, theological limitations etc. It is at this point we realise and remember that the price for our freedom has been paid.

Stay tuned for the final part of Eugene’s story, coming up soon.

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