Express love to one another all throughout the year.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of us belong to one of two camps. One group is looking forward to celebrating the occasion with their special sweetie, with candles, dinner, flowers, gifts – the whole shebang. The other group sees the entire event as a commercial ploy to make us spend money on even more things we may not need. 

Whichever camp you belong to (no judgement here), we can express love to one another all throughout the year. The commandment to love one another is not bound to any particular time. But in case you want to start this Valentine’s Day, here are 10 simple ideas you can consider. 

  1. Upgrade your dinner and movie with an IMAX or Gold Class experience! Sure, its slightly more pricey, but it elevates the experience and makes the person you are with feel a little more special. 

  2. Round up some friends and go a “first date”. Have conversations that go a little deeper than the surface and talk about what is important to you.

  3. Make someone in your family breakfast in bed. You don’t need to book a staycation to do this one. Re-create their favourite breakfast, or even get something nostalgic to make it special, even it’s just shui kueh or chee cheong fun. 

  4. Book a massage for a stressed-out friend or church leader. They will feel relaxed and refreshed and will have you to thank for it.

  5. Turn an ordinary meet up into something special by taking great portraits of them. Most people don’t have great photos of themselves that are not selfies, so by offering to take great photos you give them a self-esteem boost and create some great memories. 

  6. Write a note! In the days of texts, emails and emojis, no one really writes anymore. Send someone a note, a card or a letter in the mail to encourage them or simply tell them that you are thinking about them. 

  7. If you like to bake or cook, make something heart-shaped for someone. Cookies, pancakes, omelette – the possibilities are endless! 

  8. Get outdoors! Singapore has many parks, beaches and walking trails that you can explore with a friend. Or grab a bike and go for a bike ride along the many park connectors all over the island. 

  9. Make a mix tape! Find some songs that you and your friends enjoy and put together a playlist on Spotify or any other music sharing software, and share it with your friends as a Valentine’s Day present. The playlist will remind them that you love them. You can also make one of your favourite worship songs and remind them that Jesus loves them too! 

  10. Flowers cost a fortune on Valentine’s Day, but handcrafted floral gifts cost nothing. Learn some origami and fold a note into a little rose for a friend. Here is a video guide that might help!