Making the bible a part of your everyday life doesn’t have to be daunting.

At one of Pastor Rhordan’s messages, A Better Investment (Part 1), he mentioned that we are the sum total of our habits, and nowhere did it hit harder for me than with the call to level up my bible reading. Perhaps this is also true for you, it is the thing we know will benefit us most, but it’s also the thing that we find hardest to do. 

Making the bible a part of our everyday life doesn’t have to be daunting because God loves to come alongside us to encourage and empower us by renewing and transforming our minds. He reveals Himself to anyone searching for Him (Jeremiah 19:13).

So here is a method for how you can break down those 20 minutes.

  1. Start with a devotional.
    You can use the one that we are using as a church now, or any devotional that you find on your favourite bible app. Find one that is 30 days or more. Why? Because that’s how long it takes to build a habit.
  2. Find a place and fix a time.
    Make sure it is time that is earmarked for this 20 minutes. Mornings are generally good. Pastor Rhordan has spoken previously about finding a chair in your house or room that is the space where you go to meet God. See if you can find one that works for you!
  3. Posture your heart.
    Prepare to hear from the Holy Spirit with a simple prayer that renders you yielded and ready.
  4. Make observations.
    When you read the scripture, don’t start dissecting it, or cross-referencing it with other resources. Let the words sit with you and think about what they mean. Pay attention to words or phrases that stand out to you.
  5. What is the Spirit saying?
    Turn your attention to what the scripture is saying to you specifically. Allow God to speak into your heart and your situation and let Him minister.
  6. Respond in prayer and obedience.
    A revelation from God demands a response. Think about what the day’s reading requires of you. Perhaps it’s a change in heart attitude about something. Maybe it’s repentance. Maybe God just wanted to express His delight in being your heavenly Father. Whatever the revelation is, respond with a simple prayer and with practical steps to act accordingly.
  7. Write it down.
    We often think we are going to remember what God says to us, but the truth is, once the day starts and a hundred other things start demanding our attention, there is a good chance you will forget the amazing word God had for you. In time, these will become a wonderful treasure trove of all the times God spoke into your life. 

The more you build your habit of bible reading, the easier it becomes to recognise God’s voice and understand what His will truly is (Romans 12:2).

As you commit to studying scripture regularly, remember that the God who created you can also enable you to break through the resistance that holds you back, so that you can consistently engage with His living and active Word.