Equipping of the saints

Here, we convene discipleship conversations, training and discussion to support you in the equipping of the saints so that we can fulfil our mission to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.


The first five books of the bible unlock for us all the major themes and threads of God’s Story. Get a good grasp of these books and learn about how to know and relate to our God. More

For life groups that have just started and individuals new to a life group. Download PDF

For those who have completed Being Rooted and want to go a little deeper. Download PDF

Every sermon comes with a curriculum to help you dig deeper.  More


Is God still punishing me for the sin I commit? Unpack and understand God’s complete forgiveness over us. Watch

The Doctrine of Sanctification helps us understand why we struggle with sin and what we should do about it. Watch 

What does it mean to be a member of God’s family? Watch

What does God do in drawing somebody to himself?  Watch 

The gospel has the power to lead people to Christ. But the big question is this: What is the gospel? Watch

What makes me a Christian? Watch Part 1 | Watch Part 2

What is the right environment for life group to take place? Watch

What can I bring to my life group? Watch

What is the goal of lifegroup? Watch


Add variety to how you pray and approach God meaningfully and fruitfully. Read

Humility is the thread running through 2 Kings 5. Read

Making the bible a part of your everyday life doesn’t have to be daunting. Read

Express love to one another all throughout the year. Read

Revisit some of your lifegroup practices to give your gatherings the kickstart they need. Read

To be an inclusive community, we need to think about how we communicate. Read

Here are some things that you can prayerfully consider giving up. Read


For all new believers and those who want to establish themselves in the basics of Christian doctrine. Download Discipler’s Manual | Download Disciple’s Manual

For anyone who is interested in discovering their SHAPE for ministry. Download Facilitator’s Manual | Download Participant’s Manual

This study is designed to help you to observe, interpret and apply scripture to your life. Download PDF

This checklist helps you to have a conversation with your disciples about their spiritual growth. Download PDF

This list helps you to remember people in your life you want to intentionally build relationships with. Download PDF

This resource is designed to help lifegroup leaders and network coaches identify potential leaders. Download PDF