Like King Solomon, we have been endowed with many blessings from God, including unique gifts and talents that allow us to help others, to serve them in their time of need, and to love them the way God loves us.

As we consider these blessings and how we can use them to serve our community, we have a whole host of opportunities that you may prayerfully consider. In FGA, it is our volunteers and their passion that make a difference. You are the difference, so be different and be a blessing!


Prayer Team

Objective: Pray over the congregation that they will encounter God.

Frequency: Adhoc

Welcome Team

Objective: Connect with visitors. 

Frequency: Once a month

Ushers & Stewards Team

Objective: Seat guests and assist those with special needs. Collect offerings and count collection. 

Frequency: Once a month

Production Team

Objective: Provide a seamless service experience.

Roles: Service manager, projectionist and sound engineer.

Frequency: Once a month

Worship Team

Objective: Lead the congregation into worship.

Roles: Vocalists and musicians.

Frequency: Once a month

Broadcast Team

Objective: Live stream our weekend services.

Roles: Camera operators and vision mixers.

Frequency: Once a month

Media Team (Video)

Objective: Create videos for ministry.

Roles: Script writer, producer, videographer and video editor.

Frequency: Adhoc

Social Media Team

Objective: Capture live happenings and share on social media platforms.

Frequency: Once a month

Photography Team

Objective: Capture God-moments at services and events.

Frequency: Once a month

Curriculum Writing Team

Objective: Write material to encourage deeper learning and understanding of God’s word.

Frequency: Adhoc


Spark Kids Team

Roles: Teachers and assistants.

Frequency: Twice monthly

Surge Team

Objective: Plan and execute programmes suitable for youths.

Frequency: Once a month

Transit Team

Roles: LifeGroup leader (young working adults preferred) for tertiary students.

Frequency: Twice monthly

Axis Team

Role: LifeGroup leader (young working adults preferred) for university students.

Frequency: Twice monthly

Crossfire Team

Role: LifeGroup leader for NSF.

Frequency: Twice monthly

Golden Years Team

Objective: Plan and execute programmes suitable for seniors 55 years and above.

Frequency: Adhoc


Boys Brigade Team

Objective: Connect and befriend ITE College Central students in BB weekly.

Frequency: Based on your availability

MacPherson Seniors Team

Role: Befriend the elderly living in MacPherson during lunch fellowship (2nd & 4th Fri, 11:30am-1:30pm) or at house visits (last Sun, 2pm-3:30pm).

Role: Driver & Chaperone – 2nd & 4th Fri (11am, 1:30pm), every Thu (11am, 12:30pm).

Role: Kitchen Helper – 2nd & 4th Thu (12:30pm-2pm), 2nd & 4th Fri (9:30am-11am).

Salt & Light Team

Objective: Reach out to incarcerated and ex-offenders through chapel services, support groups and Bible study.

Frequency: Once a month

Care Team

Objective: Reach out to the sick by caring and praying for them.

Frequency: Adhoc

Bereavement Support Team

Objective: Reach out and provide support to grieving families and individuals.

Frequency: Adhoc