Make a tangible difference

Followers of Jesus are called to become servants. With enthusiasm, joy and excellence, we want to actively demonstrate self-sacrificial love by serving the people around us. It takes a lot of volunteers to sustain the weekly routines at FGA. We are a family, and like a family, we all pitch in!

Team FGA

Welcome Team

Greet everyone at the door. Connect with visitors. Assist guests with special needs.

Ushers & Stewards Team

Prepare and serve communion elements. Distribute offering bags and count collection. Crowd control. 

Cafe Team

Serve drinks and snacks before service. Ensure connect areas are clean and neat.

Worship Team

Roles: Vocalists and musicians. 

Provide vocal and/or musical support and lead congregation into worship.

Production Team

Roles: Service manager, projectionist, lights and sound engineer. 

Ensure smooth service flow.

Media Team

Roles: Script writer, producer, videographer and video editor.

Create elements for services.

Social Media Team

Capture live happenings through photos and videos to share on social media platforms.

Photography Team

Tell God’s transformative power and move by capturing moments at services and events.

Pre-service Prayer Team

Pray over the congregation to encounter God.

Curriculum Writing Team

Write curriculums to encourage deeper learning and understanding of God’s word.

Spark Kids Team

Plan and execute learning and engaging programmes suitable for 4-12 year olds.

Surge Team

Plan and execute learning and engaging programmes suitable for youths.

Axis Team

Plan and execute engaging programmes suitable for tertiary students.

Crossfire Team

Plan and execute engaging programmes suitable for Full-time National Servicemen (NSF).

Salt & Light Team

Reach out to incarcerated and ex-offenders through chapel services, support group and Bible study.

Bereavement Support Team

Reach out and provide support to grieving families and individuals.

Care Team

Reach out to the sick by caring and praying for them. 

Senior Care Team

Reach out and befriend the elderly living in Macpherson.