Each of us has a unique redemption story. You may think that your story is insignificant, but Scripture reminds us that these stories build our faith and witness to others of His goodness. Meet people whose lives have been transformed by the love of Christ. Share Your Story

Let Your Heart Be Light - Jasmine Gan

Faced with huge debts and a broken marriage, Jasmine burdened for the future of her four children. How did she beat the odds?

Elijah House - Shanti Sidhu

Shanti’s world came crashing down when her mother passed away. Here how she walked out of her darkest tunnel with renewed love.

Answered Prayer - Angie Lim-Sundram

My grandma was close to me as she brought me up. Since knowing Jesus, I have been praying for her to know Christ. Through a series of events, my grandma witnessed God saving my uncle from a life of destruction. After that, she decided to give her life to Jesus.

When Christ came into her life, she was changed, her heart was filled with peace. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer, she was calm and not afraid. She did not even feel any pain!

When we celebrated her 80th birthday, she prayed and asked God to watch over all of us (her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) and told us that she had no regrets, ready to meet her Saviour. She passed on peacefully in her sleep. I’m thankful to Jesus that she encountered Him and she is now with Him in Heaven!

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