Suicide Awareness Talk

What do you do when a friend tells you about their thoughts of suicide?

More often than not, individuals don’t want to end their lives – they just want to get out of the overwhelming or painful situation they are in. But they can’t do it alone. Coming April, join us for a talk on Suicide Awareness with Benson Soh.

Benson is a Senior Counsellor and Suicide Interventionist. He uses an integration of approaches in his counselling practice with clients distressed with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and many other mental health issues. 

What will I learn?
• Suicide and it’s meaning
• Behaviours and warning signs
• How to help – the Do’s and Don’ts

Who should attend?
Open to everyone. Highly recommended to our partners, leaders and church planters to attend.

Date: Fri 23 Apr
Time: 7:30pm-9pm
Venue: Zoom

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