Messages & Curriculum

Rooted & Fruitful

Paul presents the gift of God in Christ and the immeasurable love we receive. Do our lives reflect that reality?

Part 1: Curriculum

From time to time, changes may cause us to have an identity crisis. However, Paul emphasises what our identity should be.

Part 2: Curriculum

God’s purpose is to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ. How does church unity bear witness to the world?

Part 3: Curriculum

True victory is when our rootedness and fruitfulness come from the Holy Spirit. How does this happen?

Part 4: Curriculum

Paul prays for the saints to have the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know more of God. Do we desire the same for our community?

Part 5: Curriculum

The power of God in us gives us the ability to live and love like Jesus. Do you know that His power is coursing through you?

Part 6: Curriculum

While salvation is an eternal gift, repentance and reconciliation are not a one-time thing. Come back to God’s love every time you wander far from him.

Part 7: Curriculum

Even when we see ourselves as broken vessels, God sees a masterpiece in us and He will continue working in us until its completion.

Part 8: Curriculum

Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube? Sometimes life looks like a big mess—but God is always working, and He will make things right in the end.

Part 9: Curriculum

“Do unto others what you would have others do unto you”. The truth behind this universal moral code comes from knowing that God has already given you the capacity to love.

Part 10: Curriculum

Through the teaching provided by the people of God, we understand that we are called to be set apart. Learn further to comprehend our new unity as Christians!

Part 11: Curriculum

Every time believers in Christ walk in love and unity as one family, we demonstrate to all that we are His children, Satan is defeated, and God is victorious!

Part 12: Curriculum

As we recall Christ’s first arrival to the world, we also look ahead to His return to rule and reign on earth. What would it look like?

Part 13: Curriculum

Paul lays out a vision of how each church member should function so that together, the body can unite in a way that pleases God’s heart.

Part 14: Curriculum

God has given us gifts so that we as one church may achieve the unity of what we are called to in Ephesians 4:4-6.

Part 15: Curriculum

What are the specific and practical examples Paul raised to the Gentile saints so they can live in a manner worthy of their new life?

Part 16: Curriculum

God is interested in relationships. But it is only by His power we can experience the relationships God wants us to have.

Part 17: Curriculum

Paul exhorts all believers to imitate God and follow God’s example in all that we do. How do we imitate God?

Part 18: Curriculum

The church was called to be more than a gathering. It was called to shine. 

Part 19: Curriculum

Paul exhorts believers to be very careful in how they live their lives –  not as fools but as wise. How are you walking?

Part 20: Curriculum