He replied, ‘My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.’ - Luke 8:21

Salvation is not the end-point of our faith, but the beginning of a lifelong call to follow Christ, particularly in His instructions to make fellow disciples of Him. At FGA, we have toolkits and programmes that support the process of discipleship, structured around four main phases (G.A.B.S.).

We prepare individuals to Go seek out those who have yet to experience Christ, Assemble those that have just entered our community, Build each other up through Christian teaching and fellowship, and Send others to multiply the work that is being done.

Tools to get you started:

Impact List (PDF)
The Impact List helps us become aware of the people in our world who are unconnected and unchurched. Use this tool to help you remind aware of the people God has placed around you—people He is inviting you to reach.

Tree Diagram Checklist (PDF)
This is a customisable development plan for each person in your LifeGroup or each person you are discipling. It is a self-assessment tool with an action planner to help each person stay accountable to his or her spiritual growth.

LifeGroup Curriculum (link)
This is a key part of developing the growth that happens in community. The LifeGroup Curriculum is based on the sermon series preached at our weekend services. God gives us instructions from the pulpit so that building can continue in our discussions. We need to work out God’s truth in our LifeGroup community.

LeaderFinder Tool (PDF)
This tool helps us to identify potential leaders who will become disciplers. The tool has been developed based on our church’s core values and the qualifications of leaders stated in the scriptures (Titus 1:5-9; 1 Timothy 3:-1-13).