Dive Deeper

Unstoppable (Part 20)

Charles Lim


In this week’s Unstoppable study of Acts, we shift focus from the church at Antioch and examine a miraculous prison escape for Peter in Acts 12:1-24. It is an exciting account with many supernatural details and some humour also. There is great relevance for us as we learn to walk in the supernatural.


  1. If you could be part of any miraculous or other happening recorded in Christian history, what would it be and why?

  2. Read Acts 12:5

    How did the church respond to news of Peter’s arrest?  

    b. How do you think you might have responded? What is your first reaction to bad news? 

  3. Read Acts 12:6-11. In this rather humorous encounter with an angel, Peter has to be struck to be woken up from his deep slumber (whilst chained to guards and despite the bright light from the angel) and reminded to get dressed and bring his cloak and shoes when making his escape.  It wasn’t until the angel left him alone in the street that he realised he was really set free! All along, miracle after miracle took place: chains broken, prison doors opened, guards kept asleep.  

    a. Peter first mistook his escape for a dream. How might you have missed miracles in your everyday life because you rationalized the supernatural away?  Share with your group any scenarios that apply:

    i. Doors opened unexpectedly, opportunities given to you that you never even considered?

    ii. Protection that seemed miraculous? 

    iii. Situations that did not go as planned or as you wanted, but in hindsight, you can see how it was for the best? 

    b. What does it mean for you to be walking in the supernatural while still living in the natural world?

  4. Read Acts 12:12-17. Peter immediately returns to the church. Once he gains entrance (after the servant Rhoda first forgets to open the door to him and the church fails to believe it is really him at the door), he eagerly shares his testimony of deliverance. 

    What helps you to recognise the supernatural? What hinders you?

    b. With whom can you share a testimony of God’s power in your life this week?

  5. Read Acts 12:18-24. We discover the fall-out of Peter’s deliverance.  Without an explanation for Peter’s escape, Herod executed his guards.  Shortly thereafter in a speech to the people, Herod failed to give God the glory and an angel struck him down and he was eaten by worms (v23).  

    a. What does this passage tell you about God’s character?

    b. When have you failed to give God glory for your successes? 

    c. What opportunities did God give Herod to repent?


Think of a challenging situation you are facing today. Of the main characters in this passage, with whom do you most identify in your current circumstances?  Opportunistic and self-absorbed Herod? The prayerful and yet doubting community of believers? Peter, at peace enough to sleep though imprisoned? As you experience God’s deliverance in whatever form He chooses, will you also joyfully praise Him and give Him all the glory? Verse 24 reminds us that regardless of the attitude of our hearts, His word will continue to spread and will be unstoppable. Will you choose today, to be on His side, to walk supernaturally and help spread the unstoppable truth of the gospel?


“But the word of God continued to spread and flourish” – Acts 12:24 NIV