Sermon Series

The book of Acts is a fast-paced, action-adventure book which chronicles the birth and growth of the early church from the Jewish centre of Jerusalem to the Gentile capital Rome. You will discover that no matter the circumstances, the Gospel is unstoppable and continues to bring redemption, healing and freedom to many. Find out how the church reveals the Kingdom of God on earth and how it is the grandest purpose you can give your life to.

Part 1 | Rhordan Wicks
Part 2 | Henson Lim
Part 3 | Woon Hin Swee
Part 4 | Charles Lim
Part 5 | Tay Leng Seng
Part 6 | Serene Lim
Part 7 | Dalton Sim
Part 8 | Dalton Sim
Part 9 | Tiffany Goh
Part 10 | Rhordan Wicks
Part 11 | Rhordan Wicks
Part 12 | Woon Hin Swee
Part 13 | Tay Leng Seng
Part 14 | Serene Lim
Part 15 | Henson Lim
Part 16 | Charles Lim