Dive Deeper

Unstoppable (Part 5)

Tay Leng Seng


As Peter concludes his sermon in Acts 2, he calls the crowd to repentance, baptism and promises them the gift of the Holy Spirit.  This is immediately followed by the account of the practices of the early church.  This passage gives us a vivid picture of the role of the church in connecting people vertically to God through salvation and horizontally to one another in community. In part 5 of our Unstoppable series, we look at how Acts 2:38-47 provides God’s unstoppable game plan for us. No matter our circumstances, His gospel is unstoppable and will continue to bring redemption, healing and freedom to many. 


  1.  Read Acts 2:38-41.  

    a. What are the main action words Peter used in his sermon in verse 38? Why do you think Peter emphasized these points?

    b. See verse 39. Who is this message for? Who may you have written off as a “lost cause” or who do you think is not your responsibility to reach with the gospel? How has this verse challenged you?

    c. How would you describe the tone of Peter’s words in verse 40? How does this compare to your attitude towards sharing the gospel?

  2. Read Acts 2:42-47.

    a. What are the main ways the early church built a community? How do you see these components at work today in the church?

    b. Conduct an assessment of the following with respect to the early church: (i) yourself, (ii) your LifeGroup, (iii) your church. What is done well? What can be improved? How can you make a difference?

  3. Read James 1:2-4, Revelation 2:2-5 and 3:1-3. Why do you think it is hard to follow the example of the early church? What obstacles get in the way? How can they be overcome?


Acts 2:38-47 presents a foundational picture of the role of individual believers and the church in connecting people with God for salvation (vertical) and with other people in community (horizontal), forming the picture of a cross. Will you ask God to empower you to fulfill these roles as He leads?


“Peter replied, ‘Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.’ – Acts 2:38 NIV